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Jupiter, bringer of jollity



Among the most lasting imagery from all of the science-fiction that I’ve read is from Heinlein’s ‘juvenile sic-fi’ novel “Farmer In The Sky”.  A boy and his family settle on Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede.  It’s a good little story with some solid ‘sci’ but the image of the planet Jupiter just dominating the sky of their new world really struck me.

The Flea links to some cool imagery of what the planets of our Solar System would look like in the sky if they were the same distance from us as the Moon.  (I would have expected Jupiter to be larger.)

Here, you can listen to Holst while you view.  😎


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Raise a glass ~ Winston Churchill was born 139 years ago today


Remember him, for he saved all of you: pudgy and not very large but somehow massive and indomitable; baby-faced, with snub nose, square chin, rheumy eyes on occasion given to tears; a thwarted actor’s taste for clothes that would have looked ridiculous on a less splendid man. He wore the quaintest hats of anyone: tinted square bowlers; great flat sombreros squashed down on his head; naval officer’s caps rendered just slightly comic by the huge cigar protruding beneath the peak. On grave and critical occasions he sported highly practical Teddy-bear suits few grown men would dare to wear in public. He fancied oil painting, at which he was good, writing, at which he was excellent, and oratory, at which he was magnificent. His habits were somewhat owlish (a bird he faintly resembled), and he stayed up late at night, often working mornings in bed with a lap tray for his desk. (Once, after the war, when I called on him at 11:00 A.M., he inquired whether I wished a drink, ordered me a whiskey and soda, then, reaching for the empty glass beside him, told his manservant: “And bring me another.”

– From World War II by (the late NY Times Foreign Affairs columnist) C.L. Sulzberger

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John Newman “Love Me Again”

Check out this song and video from John Newman.

Really over the last decade, EA’s FIFA soccer games have been my main source of new music.  They always load the game soundtrack with great stuff from all over the world.  This one from FIFA 14.

Newman is a new artist from the north of England.  I love the celebration of the dancehall culture in the video, and the Romeo & Juliet theme.  They used real people who attend the dancehall all-nighters to dance in the video.  That guy with the vertical striped bowling kinda shirt has got it goin’ on!  Love that breakbeat stuff.

You have to watch his Cheating video to find out what happens to R&J.

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Hope Blooms


Here’s a great little clip of the pitch on CBC’s Dragon’s Den by a group of inner city Halifax kids who are part of a group of social entrepreneurs called Hope Blooms (video at link).  With the help of some mentors, over 40 kids run an organic garden and produce salad dressings.  The dressings sell out every weekend at the community (Seaport) market in Halifax, so they kids are looking for an investment of $10,000 in exchange for 5% royalties until the loan is paid back.

The Dragons are floored, and four of five (you’ll never guess who the fifth one is) pitch in the $10,000 with no royalty claims, offer to promote the idea, and Boston Pizza founder and CEO Jim Treliving even offers to distribute the product through his restaurants.  They kids want to build a greenhouse so they can get into year-round production.  They do a great job with their presentation, come away with $40,000 and invaluable support.

Here’s their website.  Great job kids, and mentors, and the community.  Doesn’t sound like you need a “good luck” wish, but you have mine anyway!  Will pick up some of your product next chance I get … if there’s any still on the shelves!

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