RUSH: From “Finding My Way” to “The Garden”


Spurred on by seeing Rush for the first time (finally!) in October 2012, I have since listened to the entire Rush catalog (largely during early morning dog walks); a hugely rewarding activity, indeed.

And, not surprisingly, some cool, absorbing and, at times, touching and poignant music to listen to while one is out under the stars and various phases of the moon.

Are you a Rush fan?  If you haven’t gone through their whole catalog like this, go do it.  I recommend it.  There are bound to be periods that you didn’t pay as much attention to, and it’s neat to listen through to it all and consider all of those periods as just cool parts of the whole thing.  They do dress better now.

Are you not a Rush fan?  Give it a try, you may well find some wonderful nuggets.

Timely, given their induction into the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame.


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