R1b-L1335 ~ a Scots modal genetic marker

Just tested positive for the R1b haplogroup genetic marker, or single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP), L1335.

Researchers are thinking this one represents the Scots modal.

Recently, I had tested positive for DF13 which was a downstream (i.e. more recent) marker from R1b-L21 (L21 representing, more or less, a good part of the Bronze Age move of peoples from NW Europe to the British Isles).  The modern L21 distribution is here.  With the age of L21 being maybe 3500-4500 years old, the DF13 mutation followed along fairly close after that, so it still represented a fair portion of the L21 group.

Six subclade markers from DF13 (the big six) had been identified recently, and I was negative on all of these, remaining R1b-DF13* until these most recent results.  Now, I am R1b-L1335.  😎

You can check out this pin-map at FTDNA to see how the various R1b groups are shaping up.

Will have to update my Genetic Ancestry page and probably give it a bit of a refresh when I get the chance.

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