Beachtime (on the Maggies)

Beachtime (on the Maggies)
24″ x 36″ oil on canvas
by Mike Campbell (Oct’12)

Here is the latest oil on canvas par moi.  24″ x 36″.  “Beachtime (on the Maggies)”.  It is based on a photo from a Quebec tourism brochure/publication.

I had done the background probably more than a year ago, and had put in the outlines of the boats.  In a way, it could have worked as it was, with the boats just being kind of ghostly figures on the beach.  But, it was time to finish it off.

PS – ‘the Maggies’ are a nickname for the Magdalen Islands, or Les Iles de Madeleine, located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

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