Goals? What Goals? (English Premier League disgrace)

Why care about getting it right? We’re the damn Premier League!

Everton lost (nay, was robbed of) two points today, drawing Newcastle United 2-2.  Brutal to give up the late tying goal just after taking the lead again, but Newcastle’s Demba Ba is a force to be reckoned with.

Still, shamefully missed calls (one on a faux offside call on a Fellaini goal, then on the above uncalled goal for Victor Anichebe).  It is absolutely disgraceful for the English Premier League.  This kind of thing has been going on for years.  So, guys, you have had years to consider it and still do nothing.

Take the NHL, with a video-goal judge at every game in touch with the goals office in Toronto.  More games per week, more goals per game than the EPL, yet it is handled.  Even in a call such as the missed Anichebe goal, in the NHL context, the video goal judge would have reviewed and then communicated to the referee at the next stoppage of play that there was indeed a goal.

Bloody hell.


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