Plea to JJ Abrams (the naming of ships)

This was originally posted to The Campblog on January 9, 2003, as a plea to Rick Berman.  Time to update!

I’ve noticed that, unlike the United States Navy, the producers of Star Trek have not included Winston S. Churchill among those for whom ships were named. Over the years, out of hundreds of named starships, the shows have had Star Fleet ships named for many important figures in recent human history, i.e. U.S.S.: Armstrong; Biko; Bradley; Bradbury; Cortez; Crazy Horse; Curry; Drake; Farragut; Fleming; Gandhi; Grissom; LaFayette; LaSalle; Livingston; Magellan; Nimitz; Pasteur; Rabin; Revere; Roosevelt; Shepard; Sherman; Thomas Paine; Tolstoy; Truman; Wellington; Yeager; and, Zhukov – to name a few.

Many worthy names, but one is definitely missing. Who did more to secure the ‘broad, sunlit uplands’ of humanity’s Star Trekian future than Winston S. Churchill??

… Rebooted or not.

The time is now, Mr. Abrams.  The time is now.

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