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This is kinda harsh, and a bit absurd.

Rangers FC have folded due to debt problems.  The club has been taken over, but are now considered a new club.  Rather than start next season in the 2nd tier of Scottish football, they are now starting over in the 4th tier!  The Old Firm is broken.  Either Rangers or Celtic have won the SPL since 1985; I suppose Celtic could win it for the next three seasons or so; even if Rangers get promoted each year, the earliest they can return to Premier League play would be 2015/16.

Average attendance in the Scottish 4th tier (3rd Division) last year was 475 (four-hundred seventy-five) while the attendance at Glasgow’s Ibrox was over 45,000.  Fun.  😎

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July 27, 2012 · 10:36 am

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